Friday, May 30, 2008


Friday, May 30, 2008
Current mood: fabulous

I did something today that I've never done in my entire life! Me, "anti-chick flick Christine" went to see a chick flick...and shed a tear! I went to see Sex And The City today during the middle of the day. My logic was that the theater would be pretty empty because normal people are at work at 3:45 on a Friday, right? WRONG. When I got in line, there were signs plastered on the box office windows stating that a few of the evening shows were already sold out (thanks to Fandango I presume.) The 3:45 on a Friday crowd consists mostly of geriatrics & retirees. And much to my dismay, the little old man in front of me (think beige Mr. Rogers type button up sweater, Rockports and a hearing aid) asked for 2 tickets for Sex And The City! Wow! Has he ever even seen the show? I mean, it comes on way past old folks bedtime right? Maybe he watched it on the east coast feed? *shrugs* So, I got my ticket and rushed into the theater because the movie was about to start. And I don't frequent chick flicks so the crowd looked exactly how I imagined it would...groups of girlfriends laughing and giggling and sharing Twizzlers & Jujube's (do they still make those?) One of the girls in front of me was on her Blackberry making reservations for drinks for her group after the movie. I'm sure then they'll all sit around and sip martinis & talk about their lives sans the incredible wardrobes and fabulous apartments. There was so much estrogen in that theater I think it may have messed up my cycle. Seriously. And the previews! Oh God the previews. Saaaaaaappy chick flick previews. Some old "you complete me" type love story sappy shit. I had to giggle. It was so stereotypical! The chicks were eating it up. That stuff is a fairy tale y'all! Maybe that's why so many of us are single. Another blog for another day. Anywho, after the sappy previews, the lights started to lower and the applause began. Oh dear...

I'm girlie, and I'm a girlie girl and I'm even sappy....but I'm not a chick flick girl. I'm an enigma, I know. But Sex And The City is the exception to that rule. The Manolos! Andre Leon Talley! The Dior! The Lacroix! The Vuitton! The Fendi! Man oh man, it was a feast for my eyes. You know, that damn Patricia Field almost drove me into the poor house I tells ya. I was a Dior whore because of her. In college we had to create a magazine for a project in some class and my magazine was called "Diorella". And I got an A, thank you very much! I learned what a Fendi Baguette was because of Carrie Bradshaw. And the Dior Saddle. And Christian Louboutins! And I just HAD to have a Gucci walker! And Mirakami Vuitton! I remember being glued to the television every Sunday night for years and years taking mental notes and learning the art of mixing couture with vintage (while sipping a special pink martini that I'd start concocting just as The Soprano's credits were rolling.) Good times...So yeah, due to the fact that I haven't eaten solids in 4 days (mixed with the Al Green "How Do You Mend A Broken Heart" that was playing) I welled up damnit! In my right eye. And that shit overflowed. But it was just the right eye so it doesn't count as crying! I can't believe I welled up at a chick flick. I just had 2 teeth pulled on that side and I think I have an infection in that ear so I'm pretty sure things aren't working well over there including my tear ducts. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And my allergies must've been acting up the night of the series finale 4 years ago too.

<-------not allergic to anything

But no one ever reads my blogs so this shall continue to remain a secret...