Monday, September 10, 2007


Monday, September 10, 2007
Current mood: aggravated

Why do so many old women wear the same stinky perfume? Do women get to a certain age & suddenly stop liking perfume that actually smells good? As we get older does our perception of what smells good & what doesn't change? There's this certain old lady perfume smell that you never smell on younger women. It's kind of musky & spicy. WHO manufactures that stinky mess and where do you go to buy it? Mervyn's or Sears perhaps??? Or maybe Rite-Aid. I bet they sell it in a gift set year 'round. You probably get a talc powder and little wrist watch or picture frame with it. How do you hear about it? Do you smell it on another old lady and exclaim "Gladys! That perfume is FABULOUS! Who makes it? I simply must have it for myself!" There's a woman in my office who keeps walking by my cube and she's wearing Eau de Granny and it's violating my sinuses right now…and it Pigpen's funk cloud. Damn, I wish I had a sinus infection right now…

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